Lake Manyara National Park

Lake Manyara National Park

Away from crowded game reserves, Lake Manyara is one of the loveliest places to explore. The scenic beauty Lake Manyara and its surrounding national park merit a trip during Tanzania holidays. Offering a splendid view of the eastern Rift Valley, incredible wildlife, and a perfect picnic setup, the soda ash lake is fast emerging as an enchanting gateway for tourists on African safari holidays.

About Lake Manyara National Park

The Lake Manyara National Park covers an area of 127 sq miles of which the alkaline brackish waters comprise about 80 sq miles. A part of the East African Rift Valley, the park is the perfect place for to see a superb view of the eastern escarpment. Dominated by ground water forests, cliffs, and bush plains, the national park offers incredible ecology for Tanzania safari vacation tourists to discover.

From the lake to dense woodlands and steep mountains, Lake Manyara National Park is home to a diverse yet amazing set of landscapes and wildlife. The underground forest is unique in many respects with its giant fig and mahogany trees nourished for centuries with underground fresh-water springs. The breathtaking scenery of the place, once described as "loveliest lake in Africa, by American writer and journalist Ernest Miller Hemingway, continues to wield attraction for tourists on African safari holidays.

The Kwakuchinja wildlife corridor bordering the eastern periphery facilitates movement of wild animals from Tarangire, Serengeti, and other areas. The Manyara Ranch Conservancy, a project specific for Tanzania safari tours, is positioned in the national park offering the best views of wild animals.

The Wildlife in Lake Manyara National Park

Despite being a small area, Lake Manyara National Park is rich in wildlife. The wilderness extending over rolling plains, huge escarpment, lakes, volcanic peaks, and beautiful forest hosts baboons, hippos, impalas, elephants, wildebeests, buffalo, warthogs, blue monkeys, dik-dik, gazelles, and giraffes. It too has its exotic stuff in the form of tree-climbing lions, a key attraction during Tanzania safari tours. Leopards have the highest concentration in the southern part.

The lake, though is better known for its flamingos, hosts an incredible array of birds attracting hundreds of tourists on African safari holidays to its shores. It is home to about 400 bird species. Long-crested eagle and grey-headed kingfisher are among many migratory birds that come to the lake shores. It is a popular among Africa travel destinations for ornithologists to study about its aviary heritage.

Africa Safari Tour in Lake Manyara

The wilderness around the Lake Manyara shores can be covered in a few hours. However, you have the option to stay at camps or luxury eco-resorts in the national park. There are numerous trails dotting the forest and lake shores to walk around and take pleasure in. You may also have group picnics or visit nearby tribal villages.

Key Attractions: Lake Manyara, tree-climbing lions, birds, animals, such as elephants, giraffes, zebras, hippos, impalas, and impressive landscape.

Getting There: Lake Manyara National Park is about 2-hour drive by road from Arusha toward the Ngorongoro crater. Most tourists visit the scenic lake area en route Serengeti National Park. Many tourists on Africa holiday packages prefer Babati, the capital of Manyara Region, as a staging ground.

Things to know:

Location: Arusha Region, Northwest Tanzania

The Fame: Impressive landscape, high-density wildlife, bird species, safari camping, lake shores

Exotic Animals: Tree-climbing lions

Things To Do: Game drive, African safari vacation tour, birding safari, walking safari, camping safari

Best Time To Visit: Any time during the year