We donate 1 % of all Profit to charities across Africa supporting them in building schools, medical care, community development and education to villages and towns across Africa.

We support missionaries that build a foundation by spreading Gospel across Africa. Growing in Africa gave us as appreciation for the beautiful nature, culture, challenges and opportunities that education can offer in alleviating poverty across Africa, Our program aims to focus on what we believe in educating children across Africa.

AVS partner with different charities that work and support Africa children in education and medical delivery with integrity

We believe every child deserve better healthcare and opportunity to attend school.

We believe in the sustainability of the natural parks and nature across Africa, we care deeply about preserving the nature for both today and future generation.

We believe sustainability is a good business making difference while providing fantastic Safari tours and vacation.

Help support our cause, anytime you buy our Tour, book Hotel, lodges or Camps we contribute 1% of our total profit each year to non-Profit.

Life is precious live it well 
Thank You for your support 
AVS Partners