Selous Game Reserve

Selous Game Reserve

“Best, biggest, and beautiful” are the three words to denote the significance of Selous Game Reserve in the exotic itinerary of African safari holidays. Spread over 54,000 sq km, it is the biggest habitat of the famed Big 5 in Tanzania. Undisturbed and jealously guarded against human impact, the UNESCO World Heritage Site epitomizes as the best-preserved and exclusive example of wild Africa. A perfect fusion of scenic landscape, thriving wildlife, and outstanding game drive, boating, walking, and camping opportunities, Selous is the most attractive of all Africa travel destinations for safari tours.

About Selous Game Reserve

First recognized as a wildlife reserve in 1896, Selous covers an area four times larger than the famed Serengeti National Park, the biggest attraction for tourists on African safari holidays. Home to world’s widest fauna diversity, the game reserve is named after English explorer, hunting icon, and conservationist Sir Frederick Selous, who died in the reserve while fighting against German forces at the height of World War I.

The ecosystem of Selous is mostly influenced by the Rufiji River that creates five lakes and numerous islets. Apart from swamps, it is predominantly covered by Miombo and tamarind forests. The wildlife is highly concentrated around the river and adjacent areas facilitating best game viewing during Tanzania safari vacation. About 90% area of Selous has been reserved for trophy hunting.

Wildlife in Selous Game Reserve

Selous has more elephants, hippos, cape buffalos, and crocodiles than any other African safari destination. It is also the biggest stronghold of fast-disappearing African wild dogs. The ecosystem developed around the riverine areas also host a large number of lions, rhinoceros, giraffe, leopards, zebras, wildebeest, African buffalos, and antelopes. African safari holidays in the park offer a thrilling chance to explore the huge assortment of wild animals from close quarters.

Different ecosystems around the game reserve contribute to a variety of vegetation each patronizing its own trademark animals. This, in turn, ensures more delight to Tanzania safari vacation tourists. Nyasa wildebeest, yellow baboon, striped jackal, spotted hyena, ostrich, turacos, hornbills, and hartebeest are spread across different eco zones.

Selous is also home to endangered animals, such as red and blue duikers, wild dogs, old world monkey Sanje mangabey, colobus monkeys, and klipspringer antelope.

The reserve has over 350 species of bird mostly found in the swamps and islets created by the Rufiji River making it a perfect sojourn for bird lovers on African safari holidays.

Selous African Safari Tour

The Selous Game Reserve offers the best and the widest possible safari diversity among all East Africa travel destinations. A game drive through the open grassland unveils a tempting wild arena full of the Big Five and other animals, both thriving and exotic to discover. You too have the option to enjoy boating safaris, walking trips, and fly-camping trips in addition to standard game drives.

Safari camps based on high grounds overlooking water bodies offer engulf your Tanzania safari vacation with romantic resemblance as the sun starts fading on the horizon.  As a game reserve, Selous offers a better opportunity to enjoy bush walks and night game drives without any restriction. Fishing is another addition to the overall safari experience.

Lukula area, on the southern tip, is the ultimate photographic destination. There are also numerous camping resorts in northern and eastern parts of the Selous game reserve each with its private game-viewing sight.

Key Attractions: Elephants, hippos, cape buffalos, African wild dogs, lions, rhinoceros, giraffe, leopards, zebras, antelopes,  yellow baboon, striped jackal, spotted hyena, ostrich, turacos, hornbills, hartebeest, red and blue duikers, wild dogs, old world monkey Sanje mangabey, colobus monkeys, klipspringer antelope, 350 species of bird, game drive, boating safari, walking safari, night safari, fly camping, and African safari camping.

Getting There: Selous has positioned about 250 km from Dar es Salam. It is connected with a 45-minute flight from the city and it is the most popular method of transportation to the game reserve.

Things to know:

Location: Lindi Region, Tanzania

The Fame: Tanzania’s biggest nature reserve, good density of wildlife, boating safaris

Exotic Animals: old world monkey Sanje mangabey, colobus monkeys, klipspringer antelope

Things To Do: Game drive, African safari vacation tour, birding safari, boating safaris, walking trips, and fly camping

Best Time To Visit: The dry season (Jun to Oct)