Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park- Home to large elephant herds

The Tarangire National Park stands out during Tanzania safari tour for its excellent game viewing, the landscape dotted by rolling steppes, and massive size of elephant herds. With its migrating population of huge mammals and exotic breeds of wild animals, the serene sanctuary boasts an inspiring game viewing option perfectly poised for special photo-up moments. African safari tour to this abode of elephants that has beautiful trails and superb camping locations endows the stay with the magical, adventurous, and exotic vibe of wild Tanzania.

About Tarangire National Park

A part of the Tarangire ecosystem, the national park is home to the second-largest migration of wild animals after the Serengeti National Park. Spread over the Maasai steppe, the Tanzania safari tour destination is home to huge herds of African elephants numbering over 300 each. During the summer, considerably large crowds of these giant tuskers flock to the area close to the Tarangire River. Migratory white-bearded wildebeest and zebras to follow elephant trails as many predators. With the rains in the horizon, these animals return to higher plains to the north and east and followed by excited visitors on African safari tour.

The dusty landscape of Tarangire National Park is interspersed with interesting camping grounds and comfortable wild resorts beguiling Tanzania safari tour visitors. Designed in sync with the surrounding forest ambiance, these eco-resorts together with camps offer an enticing way to live in and learn about the wild heritage. Tarangire's Treetop Houses provides the most magnificent view of the wild arena. The park has some of the best African safari holiday camping locations.

The Wildlife in Tarangire National Park

Any authentic African safari vacation package rarely affords to give a miss to unusual wildlife at Tarangire. At least 60 large mammal and 500 bird species live in the park. The last remnants of grazing grounds with nutrient-rich forage at the ecosystem entice a large crowd of elephants, wildebeests, zebras, giraffes, impalas, buffalos, eland, hartebeest, and gazelles to join the natives at various times of the years. Such a big concentration too invites predators, including tree climbing lions, African lion, leopard, and wild dogs.

Tarangire National Park is well known for its unique animals, such as rare white giraffe “Omo”, long-necked gerenuk, Kori bustard, the heaviest bird to fly, tree-climbing pythons, and fringe-eared oryx. These animals beguile any visitor on African safari tour of the national park.

The African Safari Tour

Tarangire offers a variety of African safari holiday tours. The eco-resorts and camping grounds facilitate day and night camps amid secured wild arena. A day game drive through the inspiring landscape allows a splendid view of magnificent wild mammal herds. Explore meandering elephant trails following the giant tuskers. Walking and birding safaris adding to the wonderful experience.

Key Attractions: Large hordes of elephants, unique animals, white “Omo” giraffe, the heaviest flying bird Kori, over 500 bird species, more than 60 types of big mammals, treetop houses, safari camping, game drive

Getting There: The Tarangire National Park is about 2-hour drive from Arusha, the most important tourist hub in north Tanzania.  Arusha has a domestic airport while the Kilimanjaro International Airport is also in the proximity.

Things To know

Location: Arusha Region, North Tanzania

The Fame: abundant wildlife, the largest herds of elephants, single biggest breeding ground of bird species, second-best migration safari, the largest population of elephants

Exotic Animals: White “Omo” giraffe, the heaviest flying bird Kori bustard, tree-climbing pythons, and fringe-eared oryx, tree climbing lions

Things To Do: Game drive, African safari vacation tour, birding safari, walking safari, camping safari

Best Time To Visit: Anytime, but the June to September is the best for the large concentration of animals.